The history of the Organization and Guidance Department of the KWP

Following the defeat of Japanese imperialism (1910-1945), North Korea was established on the 9th September 1948. Starting from this date North Korea struggled to build a model socialist state under the guidance of the Korean Workers’ Party, a communist party which was organized according to the Soviet model of organization.

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Thoughts about the 7th Congress of the WPK

Since its establishment in 1948, North Korea has been effectively controlled by the Workers’ Party of Korea. Starting from the 6th May, the WPK will hold its seventh congress. The WPK congress is a gathering of delegates of the WPK. Exceptionally there will be no delegations from foreign countries (177 delegations from 118 countries were represented on the 6th Congress including Mikhail Gorbatchov,  Robert Mugabe and many others). The frequency of party congress varied during the last 70 years. This congress is the first since October 1980. The first Plenum (meeting) will elect the central party leadership (including members of the Presidium, full and candidate members of the Politburo, Secretariat and PCMC). As of now, the power had been pretty much transferred to Kim Jong-un including military, North-South relations and foreign diplomacy. Continue reading “Thoughts about the 7th Congress of the WPK”