Quoted in Germany

I was recently quoted in the German Journal “Die Welt” on an article dedicated to O Il Jong. The document is available there.

Kim Yo-jong arrived in South Korea

A high-level North Korean delegation including leader Kim Jong Un’s sister has arrived at a train station in Pyeongchang hours ahead of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

Kim Yo-jong on Friday became officialy the first member of her family to visit South Korea since the 1950-53 Korean War. However it’s known that Kim Yong-ju, the younger brother of Kim Il-sung used to visit South Korean in the 70’s. Jang Sung-thaek, the husband of the aunt of Kim Jong-un was also several times in South Korea.  Kim Yong-nam, the North Korean official head of state, who is accompaying Kim Yo-jong, is also a far member of the Kim family.

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Upcoming Lecture

I’m pleased to announce that within the Tübingen Korean Studies Programme; on the 20th December, I will give a lecture entitled A Typology of the North Korean Leadership under the Era of Kim Jong-un – Elements of Comparison with Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong-il’s Periods of Power at the Korean Faculty of the Tubingen University at 18 o’clock.. For those interested and close to Stuttgart, feel free to come!

North Korea conducts new intercontinental missile test: Analysis and Opinion

For a while I considered that NK was doing these ballistic attemtps as a marketing issue, in order to sell its technology in spite of the resolution United Nations Security Council Resolution 1874. In my opinion when NK is selling its technology for example to Iran (Shahab missiles), they sell and transport it with the agreement of Chinese authorities as these weapons need to reach their target via China.

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The history of the Organization and Guidance Department of the KWP

Following the defeat of Japanese imperialism (1910-1945), North Korea was established on the 9th September 1948. Starting from this date North Korea struggled to build a model socialist state under the guidance of the Korean Workers’ Party, a communist party which was organized according to the Soviet model of organization.

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The good and the bad leadership of North Korea

The US are regularly applying new sanctions towards the leaders of North Korea. Recently the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated top officials of the North Korean regime, including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, ten other individuals, and five entities, for their ties to North Korea’s notorious abuses of human rights.

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