Quoted in Wikipedia

Some of my quotes related to Kim Jong-ju, the younger brother of Kim Il-sung, were used in the french version of his biography on the French version of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Information are available there.

The history of the Organization and Guidance Department of the KWP

Following the defeat of Japanese imperialism (1910-1945), North Korea was established on the 9th September 1948. Starting from this date North Korea struggled to build a model socialist state under the guidance of the Korean Workers’ Party, a communist party which was organized according to the Soviet model of organization.

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Qu’attendre du congrès du PTC?

A partir du 6 mai 2016 débutera le 7ème congrès du PTC (Parti du Travail Coréen). Que pouvons-nous en attendre ? Quels en sont les objectifs ? Pourquoi va-t-il se dérouler ?Que peut espérer la population nord-coréenne de congrès du PTC prévu initialement pour fin mai 2016 ? Ce congrès concernera les institutions nord-coréennes ou la population nord-coréenne ?

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