Time to retire for Ri Su Yong

Ri Su Yong (85 years old) the former tutor of Kim Jong Un when both lived in Switzerland. Ri Su Yong, the former Ministry of FA of North Korea, is going to retire, according to official North Korean sources. Continue reading “Time to retire for Ri Su Yong”

North Korean leadership promotes Im Chon Il to vice foreign minister

North Korean authorities promoted First European Department director general (유럽1국장). Im Chon Il to the position of Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Continue reading “North Korean leadership promotes Im Chon Il to vice foreign minister”

Kim Jong Un visited the Kim Chaek University

According to the North Korean Rodong Sinmun, the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Kim Chaek University of Technology to congratulate its teachers and researchers on the 70th founding anniversary of the university and have a photo session with them.

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Rehabilitation of Ri Myong Su

According to the South Korean daily newspaper ” The former chief of the Korean People’s Army’s Gen. Ri Myong Su (born in 1934) , who was rumored to have been replaced in April after being caught dozing off while Kim Jong Un was giving a speech, was referred to as “the highest rank in the military” in reports about the 70th anniversary of North Korea’s founding.” Ri Myong Su also disappeared for a while in 2013.

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Rehabilitation of Hwang Pyong-so?

In December 2017, I wrote an article regarding the dismissal of Hwang Pyong-so. Nevertheless, according to the daily newspaper Korea Joongang ilbo, as of now, Hwang Pyong-so (bio in french is available there), an aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and head of the North Korean Army’s General Political Bureau before being sacked last year, has been rehabilitated and made first vice department director of the Central Committee within the WPK.

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