Analytical Reports

I’m the author of analytical reports dealing with the Polish economy and specific issues related to the Korean Peninsula. Reports are prepared for the Korean Advisor Company Emerics (a subsidiary of the Korean Institute for Economic Policy)

Reports published in 2018

  1. The new business constitution in Poland and its impact on the economy

폴란드의 새로운 비즈니스헌법과 경제에 미치는 영향

2. The recent new law on Holocaust in Poland

폴란드의 신(新) 홀로코스트법 최근

Reports published in 2017

  1. Outlook for the development of the Coal Industry in Poland

폴란드 석탄 산업 전망

  1. Potential development of Shale Gas in Poland

폴란드 셰일가스 부문 발전 전망

  1. The future of relations between Poland and Taiwan

폴란드-대만 협력의 미래

  1. A roadmap for the economy of Poland: The Morawiecki Plan

폴란드 정부의 경제 로드맵 ‘모라위에키 플랜

  1. Poland supports Turkey for joining EU

터키 대통령의 폴란드 방문 목적 및 영향

  1. The future of the Renewable Energies Industry in Poland

폴란드 재생에너지 산업의 미래

  1. The city of Wroclaw in Poland as an economic hub for international companies

국제기업을 위한 경제 허브 ‘브로츠와프’

  1. The status of Ukrainian immigrants in the Polish economy

폴란드 경제에서의 우크라이나 이민자들의 위상

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