New lecture available online: „An analysis of the North Korean overseas laborers in Poland during the period 2000-2017: Current Status and Prospects”

I’m happy to inform you about a recent lecture I’ve given, which was related to the publication of my report: „A statistical analysis of the North Korean overseas laborers in Poland during the period 2000-2017: Current Status and Prospects”.

The lecture is available through this link

Below the review of professor Leonid Petrov, a scholar affiliated to the The Australian National University, one of the world leader on North Korean issues:

Nicolas Levi’s statistical study on North Korean migrant workers in Poland is extremely useful for scholars and policy-makers as it provides valuable information on the dynamics of socio-economic change in North Korea between 2000 and 2017. This study reflects the changes which North Korean economy underwent since July 2002, when market liberalisation was announced by Pyongyang. The statistical method chosen by the author objectively confirms the qualitative and quantitative change of labour export volume and composition after 2013, when the Byungjin (Parallel Development) Line was adopted by North Korea. Nicolas Levi’s advice to the Polish government to implement and establish some “Migrant laborers’ assistance centres” is very sensible and dwells on the experience of South Korean organisations, which successfully facilitated the export of South Korean labour overseas since 1960s. The findings of this report demonstrate the great difficulties, which North Korean labour export is facing in Poland (and elsewhere) since the adoption of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2371, which bans countries from importing additional North Korean laborers. Levi’s work may be helpful for better understanding of the economic benefit of hard-working and disciplines labour import from North Korea and even prompt the revocation of Polish government’s decision to repatriate all North Korean laborers by end of 2019.

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