Col. General Kim Hyong Ryong, Vice-Minister of the DPRK People’s Armed Forces visited the Beijing Xiangshan Forum

During this meeting Kim Hyong Ryong discussed the willingness of North Korea to improve its relations with South Korea. Surprisingly, he also met the head of the South Korean delegation So Ju-sok (the chief of unification and foreign and security policy in the Blue House – aka Cheong Wa Dae).

Both evaluated the improvement of the inter-Korean relations and the implementation of the summit declaration and confirmed the mutual positions of both sides regarding the rapid implementation of the military agreement. The Defense Ministry said, « I also agreed with each other that I would meet them in the future. »

Initially, the Defense Ministry said it did not plan to hold official meetings with North Korean officials attending the forum. The meeting between the two seems to have been made on-site.


Biogram of Kim Hyong Ryong

Education: Academy of Military Communication and Kim Il Sung Military Academy.


1992, April: Promoted, Major General

Director, Communication Bureau, KPA General Staff

1995: Member, O Jin U Funeral Committee

Promoted, Lieutenant General

1998: Deputy, 10th Supreme People’s Assembly

2000: Commanding Officer, 815th Mechanized Corps

2003: Promoted, Colonel-General

Commanding Officer, IX Army Corps

2007: Commanding Officer, II Army Corps

2009: Deputy, 12th SPA

2010: Member, CC KWP

2011: Member, Jo Myong Rok Funeral Committee

2011: Member, Kim Jong Il Funeral Committee


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Nicolas Levi

Analyst on North Korean issues

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