KPA Marshal Kim Yong Chun passed away

Kim Yong Chun, a KPA marshal passed away on the 16th August 2018, according to the North Korean Rodong Sinmun.

Kim Yong Chun was very close to Kim Jong-il and definitely and a member of his court of aides. He received new promotions in 2009 as Minister of People’s Armed Forces and in 2010 as member of the Politburo and the CMC. In 1995, Kim supervised the disbanding of the VI Army Corps (this unity was accused of corruption and treason). Therefore he was named VM and chief of the KPA.


  • Kim Yong Chun was proactive on the internal and international scene. According to Sohn Kwang Joo (editor of the, a website focused on NK issues), Kim Yong Chun is said to be strong-willed and impatient.
  • Kim Yong Chun was also often present on diplomatic events.
  • Being a former member of the NDC (an organization which is supervising the SEC – an entity which is managing the Maebong Trading Company), Kim Yong Chun was probably involved in the matters of the SEC

  • Kim Yong Chun was often abroad with Kim Jong Il during economical visits. It means that he’s probably a military advisor on economical matters (being at the head of the WPRG, a military-economical organization).