North Korean performance in Warsaw for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Poland and North Korea

For the 70th anniversary of the establishment of relations between Poland and North Korea (Poland recognized the DPRK on 16 October 1948), a performance celebrating this issue, took place in Warsaw at the Building of Historical Records of the Central Archives (Archiwum Centralne w Warszawie). Premises were rent by the North Korean embassy in Poland. Children lived at the North Korean embassy. Their trip to Poland was funded by North Korean authorities.

According to the Polish branch of the propaganda organization “ExploreDPRK”, “First music from 0:19 is performed by Hong Ta-yong, Korean student of the Kyongsang Kindergarten of Pyongyang City. She performs song “Dear Marshal” and Frédéric Chopin Mazurka Op. 7 No. 1 Second part (5:46) of the show is a performance by Jo Mi-rae, 7 years old student of Kyongsang Kindergarten in Pyongyang City. She perfoms Korean song “My Country Is The Best”, Korean title: «내 나라 제일로 좋아» and Dmitri Kabalevsky’s Sonatina C-major Op. 13 No. 1 Third performer (10:52) is Kim Ye-yong, a 7 years old student of Kyongsang kindergarten in Pyongyang city, she performs Korean song “Play at Soldiers” and Isaac Berkovich’s Paganini Variations Forth performer (19:53) is a 13th years old boy, Choe Jang Hung, who performs Korean folk song “Arirang”, F. Chopin’s Polonez Op. 53 no. 6 and F. Liszt’s Concert Paraphraze on the theme of Opera Rigoletto Giuseppe Verdi (corrections and redaction made by Nicolas Levi).

Hong Tae-yong, Jo Mi-rae, and Kim Ye-yong were all educated at the Kyongsang Kindergarten of Pyongyang, a school specialized in musical education. Hong Ta-yong and Jo Mi-rae were also awarded at the 7th International Polish Grand Piano Music Competition-Festival dedicated to Frédéric Chopin in Lithuania in March 2018.

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