Pyongyang rendez-vous for North Korean ambassadors

Key North Korean ambassadors overseas are currently back in Pyongyang for a joint meeting. The ongoing meeting reportedly includes Amb. Ji Jae-ryong, Amb. Ja Song-nam and Amb. Kim Hyong-jun, Amb. Ri Gun, Amb Kim Cheol-hak, North Korea’s top envoys to China, the United Nations, Russia, Poland, and Brazil respectively.

A similar meeting took place two years ago, with the surprise participation (at least according to journalists) of Kim Pyong-il, the former ambassador to Poland, and the hated half-brother of Kim Jong-il).

This joint meeting was already planned by the North Korean MOFA in 2015, nevertheless, some journalists may consider (what is false), that the Pyonygang rendez-vous is due to unclear motivations of Donald Trump toward North Korea. The meeting is not connected to condemnation of North Korea for its nuclear and missile programs from the international community. North Korean ambassadors meeting take place every 2 or 3 years. The future one will be the 44th ambassadors’ meeting in Pyongyang. The North Korea ambassadors convention will last 3 days.

According to me, the meeting is linked to a lower extent with the country’s purported preparations for further military provocations. I rather think that DPRK ambassadors will talk about latest sanctions against North Korea, (for instance, How new lead, iron sanctions could cut $200 million from N. Korea’s trade revenue) and potential new sources of hard currencies revenues.






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