By murdering North Korean elites, Kim Jong-un is getting lonely. His network is weakening especially after the premature death of his uncle Jang Sung-thaek. Now, he also losts a lot, by organizing the death of his half borther Kim Jong-nam. 

2 parts to these issues were discussed, the first one which was an introduction is available here. The second one may be consulted there.

I consider that Kim Jong-nam was killed, not only as a warning to Thaey Yong-ho behavior ( a proeminent defector, who worked at the DPRK – also known as North  Korea – embassy in London), but also as he was considered as a spy working for the CIA. Close to his body, more than 100 thous were found.

I do also consider, that Chinese authorities protect Kim Jong-nam’s family, as a sanction against the North Korean state.

Therefore, all members of the Kim family who are abroad, are under the heavy control of the North Korean secret police. Therefore I recommend to them to avoid any uncontrolled interactions with unknown people. I also consider that Ri Gun, the DPRK ambassador to Poland, is in danger, as he knows a lot about the nuclear programme and policy of North Korea. In such a situation, I consider that Polish authorities shall ensure his protection. The same apply to Kim Kwang-sop, ambassador of the DPRK to Austria, and also a key person who dealt with the management of the Golden Star Bank. This North Korean financial insitution which functioned until 2004 was responsible for the financing of some illegal activities of the DPRK regime. Basically I’m surprised that Ri Su-yong, the former North Korean ambassador to Swizterland wasn’t executed. He was not only an allie to Jang Sung-thaek, but also an expert on the North Korean financial system. He was probably removed to North Korea in 2013 in order to be controlled and triple checked by North Korean authorities. Later he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea from April 2014 to May 2016.

Birthday of Kim Jong Il
From left to right: Sung Hye-rang, Kim Jong-nam, Kim Won-ju, and Ri Nam-ok waiting in front of a summer residence of Kim Jong-il. A few hours later, the birthday’s party of the leader took place.
Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam suffered very quickly of obesity problems. He highly missed his father. Here in Wonsan.
Ri Nam Ok
Kim Jong-nam was the attached-brother of Ri Nam-ok, after her real brother Ri Han-yong defected in 1982.


Ri Nam Ok and Kim Jong Nam
Ri Nam-ok suffered highly being alone and having a limited contact with North Koreans and foreigners.


Ri Nam Ok and Kim Jong Nam DPRK
One more time, we observe the shiny attitude of Ri Nam-ok, in comparison to the smiling Kim Jong-nam. All pictures came from Korean sources and from Voice of America, an American broadcasting service.


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