American desk director of the DPRK MOFA in Europe

According to Yonhap News Agency, A senior North Korean diplomat is set to hold talks with United States experts in Europe, but the meeting is nothing out of the ordinary, the foreign ministry here said Tuesday.

“Our government is aware of the North Korean foreign ministry Director for North American affairs Choe Son-hui’s (an adopted daugter of Choe Yong-rim, a former DPRK Prime Minister) layover at Beijing en route to a European country where a (non-governmental) track-two meeting with U.S. experts is reportedly scheduled,” ministry spokesman Cho June-hyuck said in a press briefing.

Source: Asia Today.

The official’s comment comes in response to a Kyodo News report earlier in the day that said Choe Son-hui arrived in Beijing to head to Geneva for the bilateral talks. She arrived there with the son of Jon Hui-jong with she appears regularly during international meetings. 

Observers here said the rare meeting would help North Korea explore the U.S. North Korea policy direction under the incoming Donald Trump administration, including possibly Pyongyang’s chance for negotiations with Washington over its nuclear program.

“Any track-two talks between the U.S. and North Korea are non-governmental level talks that have nothing to do with the U.S. government,” Cho stressed, dismissing the allegations of official North Korea-U.S. talks. “This kind of track-two meeting has often taken place in the past and is not meaningful by any measure.”

According to a DPRK defector, Choe Sun-hee is a briliant english-speaker, who was several times in the past in the United States. She’s reputated bo being patient and open to discussions with foreigners. She spent some of her childhood in European countries.

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