The good and the bad leadership of North Korea

The US are regularly applying new sanctions towards the leaders of North Korea. Recently the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated top officials of the North Korean regime, including North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, ten other individuals, and five entities, for their ties to North Korea’s notorious abuses of human rights.

Who are those, that I may consider as belonging to the good leadership? For sure, they do answer to the following definition. These people have an ethical reasoning and actions; are widely known and respected for their integrity; are honest toward the others.

Regarding the bad leadership, these people can be segregated in four categories:

  • State-sponsored criminals and businessmen responsible for funding the North Korean military,
  • Military leaders who administer the North Korean war machine.
  • Scientists responsible for developing weapons of mass destruction.
  • People responsible for the non-respect of human rights in North Korea.
  • People engaged in drugs traffic.
  • Bowibu (political police) leaders.

Based on that and considering on our framework that Kim Jong-un is the current executive leader of North Korea (some of my views on the NK understanding framework are available there), we can propose a list of good leaders of North Korea:

The so-called good leadership (to be enlarged)

  • Ri Su-yong: (former NK Minister of FA)
  • O Su-yong (a former ministry of electronics)
  • Pak Pong-ju (NK Prime minister)
  • Ro Tu-chol (Economist)
  • Choe Thae-bok (SPA Secretary)

The so-called bad leadership of North Korea (to be enlarged).

  • Kim Jong-un (Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea)
  • Kim Yong-chol (KWP Secretary for Inter-Korean affairs)
  • Jon Il-jon (Room 39 director)
  • Han Kwang-san (financial director of the KWP)
  • Choe Pu-il (Bowibu director)
  • Pak To-chun (former director of the Second Economic Committee)
  • Kim Kyong-ok (1st director of the OGD)
  • I would add the deceased Jang Song-thaek (KWP Administrative Department former Secretary) and of course Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il.

The others (these people belong to the first generation of NK leaders, born in the 1920s their power is limited, nevertheless in the past they committed acts against the North Korean nation and have blood on their hands:

  • Kim Jong-ju (younger brother of Kim Il-sung)
  • Kim Ki-nam (Propaganda director of the KWP)

These people should be put on trial on the International Criminal Tribunal. I recommend to the South Korean government to avoid any kind of interactions with people from the below list. The same apply to other governments. I also criticize the behaviour of some western companies trading with embargo concerned companies from North Korea. 


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