Kang Sok Ju (1939-2016), a former deputy prime minister, passed away

Kang Sok Ju, a former deputy prime minister of North Korea (his biogram is available there) passe away on the 20th of May 2016. He was a diplomat in Paris for a while, having majored in French from the University of International Affairs in Pyongyang.

Kang Sok Ju has many children, who are wealthy and dealing with economic affairs in north Korea. Some of his children work in Foreign Trade Company. One of them is Kang Tae Sung.

Kang Tae Sung , who is at the head of a Foreign Trading Corporation (dealing mainly with European Countries). Kang is the son of Kang Sok Ju and was involved in the so-called “Ponghwajo” (“The Torch Group”). O Se Won, a son of O Kuk Ryol (a close military advisor to Kim Jong Un) is a close friend to Kang Tae Sung.

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