According to the KCNA, “The recent simultaneous firings conducted by the long-range artillery force of the Korean People’s Army, rocking the earth and sky, turned the imaginary enemy bases of provocation into a sea of flames in a flash. This was a great eruption of its irrepressible hatred and wrath at the enemy which committed the thrice-cursed act of daring attempt to hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership of the DPRK. It was, at the same time, the beginning of the merciless retaliatory campaign to put the most miserable end to the Park Geun Hye group of south Korea (Remark from Nicolas Levi: please note the lack of capital letter to South Korea. This is common in the North Korean propaganda).

    The long-range artillery force of the large combined unit of the KPA on the front sent the following ultimatum to the Park Geun Hye group Saturday:
1. The thrice-cursed traitor Park and her group should make an official apology to all Koreans in the north, the south and abroad for daring commit high treason.
    Our dignified sun of Songun represents the life and destiny of all Koreans and their rosy future.
    It is the worst crime never to be pardoned in the world to dare attempt to slander and do harm to the sun.
    The Park group should apologize to all Koreans. This will be the last and the best way for it to spend its remaining days.

Park Geun Hye
In may 2002, Park Geun-hye, left, visited North Korea as chairwoman of the Europe-Korea Foundation. On the picture she’s walking with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

2. Park Geun Hye, traitor without an equal in the world, and her group should mete out the severest punishment to the worst criminals at once as they mapped out the thrice-cursed “operation for striking the leadership” and dreamed of its implementation and finish them off without mercy on behalf of all Koreans.
    If there is a sin which must not be committed as a human being in the world, it is a foolish act to do harm to the sun in the sky.
    Neither excuse nor evasion of responsibility is allowed for such high treason. It only deserves the severest punishment of Heaven.
    Put them to death in the eyes of all fellow countrymen. This would be the last opportunity for the Chongwadae, cesspool of evils, and reactionary ruling machines to escape baptism of retaliatory fire.
3. If matchless traitor Park Geun Hye and her group do not respond to the ultimatum of the KPA, the long-range artillery force of the KPA large combined unit on the front will move over to merciless military action.
Public apology and punishment are the ultimatum of the long-range artillery force of the KPA which keeps the Chongwadae and the reactionary ruling machines within the firing range and waits for an order for a preemptive strike to punish the enemies.
If the force pushes the button for intensive strike, the enemy’s positions that produced all evils and tragedies of confrontation between compatriots and national division will turn into ashes in a moment.
No matter how busy Park and her group may go, talking about the “strengthening of guard posture across south Korea” and “urgent meeting of operational officers”, this would get them nowhere.
The only way out for them is to sincerely accept the ultimatum of the KPA.
    They should always remember that the Chongwadae and the reactionary ruling machines are within the intensive striking range of the long-range artillery force of the KPA large combined unit on the front”


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