Why the closing of the Kaesong Industrial Zone is a good decision

According to the KCNA, the Kaesong Industrial Zone [KIZ] has been put in the state of total closure under the “regime” of Park Geun Hye, a traitor for all ages, though it operated for the common prosperity for more than a decade amid the concern and expectation of all compatriots since the adoption of the June 15 Joint Declaration.

The recent provocative measure is a declaration of an end to the last lifeline of the north-south relations, total denial of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration and a dangerous declaration of a war driving the situation in the Korean Peninsula to the brink of a war.

People from Kaesong (source: Nicolas Levi)

Since the outset of its office, the Park’s group has desperately worked to close the KIZ, describing it as a “financial source” for the north. This time it finally took the action of totally suspending its operation after unreasonably raising matters having nothing to do with the north-south relations.

Such act is a product of Park Geun Hye’s inveterate sycophancy and abnormal confrontational hysteria kicked off by her at the prodding of the U.S.

As the south Korean people are condemning the above-said action with indignation, the total suspension of the operation in the KIZ is little short of an act of dropping an axe on one’s own foot. Hit hard by this action are entrepreneurs and people of south Korea and it is the Park Geun Hye group of traitors who should pay a dear price for it.

Kaesong Seoul
The Railways Station (from the South Korean Side) which connects South Korea to Kaesong (source: Nicolas Levi)

Unpardonable is the puppet group’s act of totally suspending the operation in the KIZ, finding fault with the DPRK’s H-bomb test and launch of a satellite, a just measure for self-defense and an exercise of its legitimate right.

The CPRK solemnly clarifies internally and externally the following crucial measures in view of the prevailing situation:

Firstly, the DPRK will totally block the Military Demarcation Line near the KIZ from 10 am, Feb. 11, 2016, cut off the roads along the west coast in the areas under the control of the north and the south and close the KIZ and declare it as the area under the military control.

Secondly, it will expel all persons of the south side in the KIZ till 5 pm, Feb. 11, 2016.

Thirdly, it will completely freeze all assets including equipment, materials and products of the south Korean enterprises and relevant organs in the KIZ. The persons to be expelled are not allowed to take things out of the zone, except for their personal belongings, and the frozen equipment, materials and products will be put under the control of Kaeso’ng City People’s Committee.

Fourthly, the military communication and Panmunjom hotline will be cut off the moment the personnel of the south side are expelled.

Fifthly, all workers of the DPRK will leave the KIZ on Feb. 11, 2016.

The south Korean puppet group will experience what disastrous and painful consequences will be entailed by its action.

Source: KCNA


  • North Korea is violating international regulations and threatening the peace on the Korean Peninsula. The 15 council members of the United Nations security council  unanimously approved a statement that stressed how any launch of ballistic missile technology, “even if characterised as a satellite launch or space launch vehicle”, contributes to North Korea’s development of systems to deliver nuclear weapons.
  • The suspension of operations in Kaesong may be temporary. It will affect the life of the 55,000 North Korean workers and their families. To a lower extent it will also affect the owners of the 123 South Korean companies based there. The South Korean authorities plan to South Korean companies based in Kaesong. Kaesong accounted for virtually 100 percent of South Korean economic exchange with North Korea in 2015  (around USD 1,8000 mln.).
  • The Kaesong is a project which is fully funded by the South Korean authorities. In any cases, North Korea financed the existence of this Industrial Zone.
  • I also consider that hard currency earned from the Kaesong Industrial Complex may be used for developing nuclear weapon and long-range missiles.
  • Similar projects realized between China and North Korea might be also closed.
  • The inflow of cash is limited for South Korean companies. “the Kaesong experiment has had mixed economic results, at best, with many companies struggling even as overall North-South trade reached new heights. Most companies at the complex have yet to turn a profit.”





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