According to the North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”: Nuclear scientists, technicians, soldier-builders, workers and officials who contributed to the successful test of the first H-bomb of Juche Korea spent their pleasant days in Pyongyang from Jan. 8 to 13.

They visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il lie in state, with the news of the great success in the H-bomb test. A ceremony of awarding party and state commendations to nuclear scientists, technicians, soldier-builders, workers and officials who contributed to the first successful H-bomb test took place with splendor in the presence of Marshal Kim Jong Un.

They visited the Phyongchon Revolutionary Site and the Sci-Tech Complex.

They toured the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace and enjoyed themselves at the Munsu Water Park and the Combined Service Boat Mujigae.

They expressed deep thanks to Kim Jong Un for arranging a banquet and birthday spreads and giving gifts to them.


I do consider that they will receive flats in Pyongyang or prestigious gifts in order to ensure their loyalty.

Kim Jong-eun gives them some kind of annual “gifts” (in form of cars, foreign currencies, furniture “Made in Europe” – some North Korean elites have homes where all products are Austrian!). That ensures the sustainability of the new relationship between them and the leader. This reflects also the increasing degree of corruption at the highest level of decision channels in North Korea and can subsequently lead to more radical changes with which the liberal wing could not cope in the future. How to know whether these elites will still accept a loss of independance in exchange of lavish “gifts” ?

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