The Situation

According to the American provider of news CNN, “North Korea says it has carried out a hydrogen bomb test, which if confirmed, will be a first for the reclusive regime and a significant advancement for its military ambitions.

A hydrogen bomb is more powerful than plutonium weapons, which is what North Korea used in its three previous underground nuclear tests.”

Taking in account the fact that North Korea announces its fourth nuclear test, tensions are heightened to a higher pitch on the Korean Peninsula. I consider that North Korea reiterated (not for the last time) its nuclear threats. As of now, it’s the fourth test since 2006 92006, 2009, 2013 and 2016). It’s the second one under the reign of Kim Jong-un, who is only 32 years old.  Kim Jong-un wants to demonstrate his power. He’s rather transmitting an image of an hazardous maverick.


  • The 15-member United Nations Security Council (UNSC) should approve a new resolution that will add more North Korean individuals and especially entities to its sanction’s list. Any North Korean launch should be considered as a threat to the peace in North East Asia. Other states which proceed to similar test should be also sanctioned by the UNSC.
  • The UNSC should use China and/or Russia in order to warn of “significant action” if North Korea carry any additional nuclear test. The approvals of China and Russia for expanding sanctions on North Korea can appear as an indication that significant progress will be made.
  • These sanctions and spirit go through a warming of relations between Russia and the United States.
  •  In spite of diplomatic efforts toward the North Korean nuclear issue, I see no positive movements if no changes in the North Korean leadership.
  • By tolerating the North Korea’s nuclear weapons development, we condemn the North Korean nation.
  • By continuing its nuclear policy, the North Korean authorities are not focused on the development of its economy. The nuclear policy is not a policy for people but a policy which aims at underlying the position of the North Korean leader.

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