According to Yonhap News, Kim Kyung-hee (her biosketch is available there), North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s once-powerful aunt has stepped down from most of her major posts, a South Korean government directory on the secretive neighbor’s ruling elites showed on Dec. 18.

The 2015 directory, released by the Ministry of Unification (via a cooperation with the Korean Institute for National Unification), does not include Kim Kyung-hee’s name on the list of the cabinet members, the list of ruling Workers’ Party of Korea’s secretaries or the party’s politburo.

In the annual dossier, the 69-year old only retained relatively minor seats as the party’s central committee member, military general and representative for the Supreme People’s Assembly.

Kim Kyung-hee is a daughter of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung and sister of late leader Kim Jong-il and married Jang Song-thaek, former vice chairman at the all-powerful National Defense Commission, who was unexpectedly executed in 2013 for treason charges.

Since her husband’s purge, Kim Kyung-hee (here more about her family) has often been rumored to have been dismissed or in ill health.

“It has been mostly likely confirmed that Kim Kyong-hui resigned from all official posts following Jang Song-thaek,” a government official said. The official said the unification ministry’s directory was compiled based on publicly accessible data.

Kim Kyung-hee has not appeared to the public even once since September 2013. Kim Kyung-hee was also supposed to have a extra marital affair with Choe Ryong-hae.

My conclusion is that she was since a long time expelled from state affairs (especially for health issues). Nevertheless she was granted some major benefits by Kim Jong-un (including main and summer villas, etc.)

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