A new half-brother to Kim Jong-eun?

According to the Telegraph “Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has apparently taken pity on an illegitimate half-uncle that his own father “persecuted” as he feared he could be a threat to his regime.

Kim Hyon-nam, the 44-year-old son of Kim Il-sung, the founder of the nation, and his masseuse, has been appointed to North Korea’s foreign ministry. Kim Hyon-nam works in the division that handles issues involving Japan, South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper has reported.

The paper reported that Kim went to a Japanese school and looks a great deal like his father, a trait which appears to have been a double-edged sword.

While having the all-important bloodline link with the Great Leader, Kim Hyon-nam’s parentage will also have put him at the centre of power intrigues after the death of his father and in the years his half-brother, Kim Jong-il, was in power.


This information was already mentioned in the 2000’s by the Japanese Press (that I personnaly considered as the bst source of information on North Korea). We learnt that Kim Hyon-nam was working in the Propaganda Department and was directly educated by Kim Ki-nam, the secretary of this department.

No pictures are available.

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