Two kind of politicians in the North Korean leadership

Many changes are being operated in the North Korean leadership through changes within the key political organizations of the country (personnal changes in the Secretariat of the Central Committee, in the National Defense Commission,…).

The North Korean leadership is composed of three generation of leaders who are connected to the Kim Jong-un’s family. Those who are biologically belonging to the Kim family are the most important. Since the creation of North Korea, we can remark that Kim’s family members were always safe (they were very rarely purged except Kim Jong-nam, a half-brother of Kim Jong-eun who is living far way from the clouds of Pyongyang) and maintained their positions in the North Korean system (for example the former wife of Kim Il-sung was at the head of the Democratic Federation of Women of North Korea between 1971 and 1993, the younger brother of Kim Il-sung, Kim Yong-ju is a vice secretariat of the Supreme People Assembly since 1993). The family of Kims represents a kind of inner team which is managing an external team of people who must be loyal toward the Kim’s family and who must obey to the policy settled by the Kim family.

O Su-yong (circled in red)
                       Kim Kyong-ok (circled in red)

I would like to present today these two teams of North Korean leaders.

The inner team

The inner team (the de facto Kim Jong-un family) securized key posts in the North Korean political structures. These people are biologically associated to the Kim family. They are controlling the following key political structures:

  • The National Defense Commission (which was enhanced as a top organ by the constitution of 1998)
  • The Workers’ Party of Korea: the North Korean communist Party which is managing structures.
  • The North Korean ministerial Cabinet: an organisation a-ffiliated to the North Korean communist Party which (through its ministries) is managing a large number of North Korean companies.
  • The Army: the KPA army is managed by the ministry of the KPA (the KPA ministry is Jang Jong-nam: a puppett of Kim Jong-un)

The inner team

Identity Main responsabilities
Kim Jong-un North Korean leader, first secretary of the CC WPK
Kim Jong-chun KPA vicemarshal
Kim Kyung-hee PB WPK member
Kim Sol-song Northkorean businesswoman
Kim Song-nam Advisor to Kim Jong-un on chinese affairs
Kim Yang-gon Unification Frond President
Kim Yo-jong Manager of the office 99
Kim Yong-il Deputy minister of Foreign Affairs
Kim Yong-nam SPA secretary
Ri Yong-mu NDC member

Opracowanie autorskie

The external team

The external team is a gremium of people who are connected to the Kim’s family. They are loyal toward the leader however they are not connected by blood to Kim Jong-un. These advisors are loyal toward Kim Jong-un and accept the rotation of their responsabilities.

The external team (selected people)

Identity Main responsabilities
Cha Chol-ma Director in the Mansudae company
Choe Ryong-hae PB KPA director
Hwang Pyong-so Deputy director of the Organisation and Leadership Department of the CC WPK
Jang Jong-nam KPA Minister
Jon Sung-hun Former prime minister of the DPRK
Kim Kyong-ok Deputy director of the Organisation and Leadership Department of the CC WPK
O Su-ryong Kim Jong-eun advisor on industrial issues
Ri Jae-il Deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the CC WPK

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