According to the North Korea Intellectual Solidarity movement “Kim Jong-un may have executed one of his closest aides earlier this month Kim Kyong-ok, the First Deputy Director of the Organization and Guidance Department [OGD] of North Korea’s ruling party was executed along with some of his aides.

Kim Kyong-ok is dead?

At the difference of the NKIS, I’m not able to assume that Kim Kyong-ok is dead as I believe that even his possible death means no changes in the North Korean system. We may expect some changes whether the leadership of the Organization and Guidance department will disappear. Is it possible? No as they are the basis of the North Korean regime. This leadership is a kind of stability for the North Korean regime.

As I truly believe that Kim Kyong-ok is still alive, I would like to present him as a member of the external team of the North Korean leaders.

First overall let’s move to the inner team:

The inner team (the de facto Kim Jong-un family) securized key posts in the North Korean political structures. These people are biologically associated to the Kim family. They are controlling the following key political structures:

  • The National Defense Commission (which was enhanced as a top organ by the constitution of 1998)
  • The Workers’ Party of Korea: the North Korean communist Party which is managing structures.
  • The North Korean ministerial Cabinet: an organisation affiliated to the North Korean communist Party which (through its ministries) is managing a large number of North Korean companies.
  • The Army: the KPA army is managed by the ministry of the KPA (the KPA ministry is Jang Jong-nam: a puppett of Kim Jong-un)

The inner team

Identity Main responsabilities
Kim Jong-un North Korean leader, first secretary of the CC WPK
Kim Jong-chun KPA vicemarshal
Kim Kyung-hee PB WPK member
Kim Sol-song Northkorean businesswoman
Kim Song-nam Advisor to Kim Jong-un on chinese affairs
Kim Yang-gon Unification Frond President
Kim Yo-jong Director of the office 99
Kim Yong-il Deputy minister of Foreign Affairs
Kim Yong-nam SPA secretary
Ri Yong-mu NDC member

The external team

The external team is a gremium of people who are connected to the Kim’s family. They are loyal toward the leader however they are not connected by blood to Kim Jong-un. These advisors are loyal toward Kim Jong-un and accept the rotation of their responsabilities.

The external team (selected people)

Identity Main responsabilities
Cha Chol-ma Director in the Mansudae company
Choe Ryong-hae PB KPA director
Hwang Pyong-so Deputy director of the Organisation and Leadership Department of the CC WPK
J Jang Jong-nam KPA Minister
Jon Sung-hun Former prime minister of the DPRK
Kim Kyong-ok Deputy director of the Organisation and Leadership Department of the CC WPK
O Kuk-ryol KPA vicemarshal
Ri Jae-il Deputy director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department of the CC WPK

Some sources also refered to Ri Pyong-chol, the head of the North Korean air forces, as being dead. Don’t worry here also, he’s alive, (this is at least what North Korean medias try to transmit). He was recently seen with Kim Jong-eun, who took charge of a flight drill conducted by North Korea’s air force Thursday and praised the pilots for demonstrating the “high art of aviation,” according to a report from the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

Ri Pyong CholRi Pyong-chol is circled in green on this picture (source: KCNA)

One thought on “Kim Kyong Ok and Ri Pyong-chol are dead?

  1. Purges are the necessity of totalitarian regimes. Political purges help top leaders feel secure and unchallenged, while the rest of the population feels revenged for the misery ostensibly caused by the hand-picked “enemies of the people”. Without purges the ruling elites won’t feel vulnerable and commoners will stop being docile. The nature of punishable crime is secondary to personality and political affiliation of the accused. In North Korea, the Kim’s dynasty has evolved from the purges that started during the Korean War (1950-1953) and continued intermittently until today. The Supreme Leaders cannot survive without purges like Dracula could not survive without fresh blood.


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