Kim Yo-Jong Taken Over For Kim Jong-eun? Expect no changes in North Korea

Kim Jong-eun recently disappeared from the political scene for a few weeks. During his medical treatment, Kim Jong-eun has been probably replaced by somebody. Some medias believe believe that he was replaced by Kim Yo-jong. It’s highly probable that Kim Jong-eun was replaced by somebody like his younger sister (more information about here are available here and there. Kim Yo-jong (b. in 1987) studied abroad (in Europe and China) and is working in the NDC since a few years. She’s also fluent in english.

Kim Jong Eun family

Kim Yo-jong is on the left of the picture

The probably is very high that Kim Jong-eun was replaced by a member of his family. However, the power is not only in the hand of the Kims but also in a clique of people who are at the head of the Organization and Guidance Departement of the Central Committee of the Korean Workers’ Party which is the heart of the North Korean system. This is probably the most important department of the Korean Workers Party Central Committee as it’s responsible for organising the whole Party. Originally part of the Department for General Matters of the KWP, it was created in 1946.

The OGD focuses on the four topics listed below. In the 80s, due to the growing influence of the North Korean Army, Kim Jong Il ordered the creation of a desk focusing on military issues. The long-term idea was to put civilians at the head of the Army, which was realized in the 2000s with the appointment of Kim Kyong Ok and others as generals. These directors are also mentors and tutors of the youngest members of the Kim family. Therefore expect no changes as Kim Yo-jong is the under the “protection” of the OGD Departement.


As a conclusion, I would also take in account the hypothesis that Kim Jong-eun was replaced by another member of his family: Kim Jong-chol, another brother of the current leader of the DPRK. What about Kim Jong-nam, the half brother of Kim Jong-eun? He was recently seen at the hotel le Meridien in Paris.

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