Kim Jong-eun Guides Match for Examining Women’s Football of National Sports Team.During his inspection, a former DPRK leader was noticed: Choe Ryong-hae. Choe Ryong-hae was dismissed from his functions probably for healt reasons. According to a former North Korean politician, Choe Ryong-hae is known for having heart issues. 

By the way according to the North Korean Press Agency, “The DPRK soccer team defeated the south Korean team 3:1 in the semifinals of the 2014 Asian U-14 Soccer Championship and advanced into the finals.     The championship started in Iran on August 4. It brought together players from eight countries including the DPRK, Thailand, Tajikistan and Iraq.     They were divided into two groups for group league matches. The DPRK belonged to Group A together with Saudi Arabia, Iran and East Timor. It beat the Saudi Arabian team 2:0, Iranian team 1:0 and drew with East Timor 2:2, placing first in the group to advance into semi-finals.  The finals will be held on August 13. 

On the meanwhile (also according to the KCNA) “A soccer tournament for torch cup began on the occasion of the Youth Day. It will last till August 28. It brought together 13 men’s soccer teams. They are divided into two groups to play group league matches. There were matches between the Ryongaksan Team and the Kwanmobong Team, between the Wolmido Team and the Amnokgang Team and between the Team of the Ministry of Light Industry and the Hwaebul Team at Kim Il Sung Stadium on Sunday. In the first-day matches, the Ryongaksan Team beat the Kwanmobong Team 3:2, the Hwaebul Team trounced the Team of the Ministry of Light Industry 3:0 and the Wolmido Team and the Amnokgang Team drew 1:1.”

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