According to the South Korean newspaper Korea Herald, “a North Korean defector known for his satirical paintings on North Korean society plans to hold a rare exhibition in Beijing.

“The painter from North Korea, who uses the pseudonym Sun Mu, fled the North in 1998 and resettled in South Korea in 2001, has been called a “faceless” artist as he does not allow himself to be photographed out of fears that his family left behind could suffer retribution.

Sun Mu, who was trained to paint propaganda pictures and other artworks for the North’s government, was the first North Korean defector to study painting in South Korea.

Among the most famous paintings by the artist are those from the “Happy Children” series showing North Korean children with apparently forced smiles.

The exhibition, funded by South Korean nationals living in China, will be held at an art museum in Beijing on Saturday, according to the organizer.” What will be the reaction of the DPRK embassy in Beijing?

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