Who is the former CEO of the North Korean Central Bank?

The son of former North Korean foreign minister Paek Nam-sun, who died in 2007, is the former president of the North Korea’s Central Bank. He was replaced in April by Kim Chon Gyun. Paek Ryong-chon (born in 1952), WAs the  “president of the Central Bank” since 2011. Paek Ryong-chon was 3 times in South Korea (in 2002, 2006 and 2007) where he was travelling with Jang Sung Thaek in 2002.

His father Paek Nam-sun was the DPRK foreign minister from 1998 to 2007. Before being a minister he was the DPRK ambassador to Poland.

Paek Ryong-chon is belonging to the former guard of the top DPRK leadership. Being a son of a proeminent friend of Kim Il Sung, he’s rather safe in the DPRK leadership in spite of loosing his position as the CEO of the Central Bank of the DPRK. Recently he was seen with Yang Hyong-sop during an official meeting o f the DPRK leadership. One of the ally of Paek Ryong-chon is the former deputy prime minister Jon Sung Hun. Both of them lost their positions in April 2014.

Paek Ryong-chon is circled in green in the below picture.

Paek Ryong Chon c


Paek Ryong-chon is circled in red in the below pictures.

백룡천 Paek Ryong Chon



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