In the current financial and economic situation, European companies face many challenges. They must cut costs, develop new products and find new markets. In these fields, there are interesting business opportunities with North Korea. It is opening its doors to foreign enterprises and it has established free trade zones to attract investors. Most of the North Korean trade is currently taking place with China, which grew in 2013 by over 10% from that recorded in 2012. A growing number of European firms are exploring the country as well, for example companies whith production facilities in China, and where the wages are rising fast. There are several sectors, including garment production, agribusiness, fishing, shipbuilding, logistics, mining/rare metals, animation and Information Technology that can be considered for trade and investment.

Doing business with North Korea is now easier than it was in the past, but finding a suitable business partner is still challenging. Local enterprises mostly do not have a presence on the Internet, and access to them is not easy. Are you interested in exploring new business opportunities and in meeting potential Korean partners? Then join our upcoming business mission from 21 to 27 September 2014! This tour is open for participants from all European countries, from various business sectors. The program of our trade mission includes individual matchmaking, company visits, dinners and meetings with European business people who are working and living in North Korea. Furthermore, we will visit the annual Autumn International Trade Fair in Pyongyang. At the beginning of the tour, in Beijing, we will take part in the seminar: “Doing business with DPRK”. After North Korea, we will return to Beijing, where you can extend your stay in China. 

In case of interest, we will send you an application form. I am always available for questions related to this mission. 

Note: it is also possible to participate with a booth at the International Trade Fair. For an impression of the previous fair in May, see:

With best regards,

Paul Tjia (director)

GPI Consultancy, P.O. Box 26151, 3002 ED Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tel: +31-10-4254172  E-mail: 

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