Visit of the DPRK Foreign Minister in Gambia

According to the North Korean Agency News KCNA “Talks between foreign ministers of the DPRK and Gambia took place at the building of the Foreign Ministry of Gambia on June 5. Present at the talks from the DPRK side were Foreign Minister Ri Su Yong, who is leading the DPRK government delegation on a visit to Gambia, and the DPRK ambassador to Gambia (who is not living in Gambia) and from the opposite side Gambian Foreign Minister Aboubacar Abudoullah Senghore and the vice general secretary for bilateral political relations and the vice general secretary for multilateral cooperation of the Foreign Ministry of Gambia.”

Ri Su Yong (a.k.a Ri Chol) is a key advisor to Kim Jong Eun on global political matters. He wasn’t seen recently in public for health issues until mid may when he met a delegation of the UNICEF. Ri Su Yong used to be a representative of the DPRK to Switzerland and Netherlands. Ri Su Yong was responsible for the education of Kim Jong Eun in Europe. He’s fluent in english and french.

Recently North Korea announced they will open an embassy in Spain (another hispanic country). One of the quoted reasons was the following: manage future North oreans footballers who should continue their career in Europe. This is the sport diplomacy?

Ri Su Yong is encircled in green in the following pictures. (Source of the pictures: KCNA)

Ri Chol Ri Su Yong 리수용


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