Asymétrie entre les organes de propagande nord-coréenne et la réalité de ce pays : éléments d’analyse

Les dernières semaines ont prêté à confusion. D’une part la Corée du Nord (du moins ses organes de propagande) n’ont cesse de critiquer et de menacer de guerre les Etats Unis. D’autre part ces même Etats-Unis (par le biais d’organisations humanitaires) se sont déclares prêts a ouvrir un centre de lutte contre la tuberculose a Pyongyang. Comment dans ce cas analyser la politique nord-coréenne ? Ces asymétries ne sont que le reflet d’un manque de réalisme de la politique nord-coréenne. La Corée du Nord ne sait pas quelle politique menée (libéraliser ou non le pays, du moins économiquement) et c’est pourquoi la Corée du Nord envoi des signaux mixtes qui prêtent à confusion. Ceux qui payent le plus cher l’addition, ce ne sont ni les sud-coréens, ni les américains, encore moins les chinois mais surtout la population nord-coréenne et les sociétés présentes en Corée du Nord qui contribuent à relever le niveau de vie de la population nord-coréenne. A ce sujet je vous invite à lire le texte Je veux investir en Corée du Nord et vous ?


(LEAD) U.S. non-profit group to build tuberculosis center in Pyongyang

SEOUL, May 4 (Yonhap) — A U.S. non-profit group plans to build a tuberculosis treatment training center in Pyongyang by the end of this year, a report said Saturday.

Christian Friends of Korea (CFK), the non-governmental organization, will visit the North Korean capital in mid-May and start construction work for the center designed to train medical doctors and researchers for tuberculosis treatment and prevention in the North, the Washington, D.C.-based Radio Free Asia reported. The CFK will send a team of 10 technicians and officials for the project, it said.

The construction of the center will be completed at the end of this year, and during the coming visit, the CFK will inspect other medical aid projects it is running in the North, the media outlet quoted the group’s spokesman as saying.

The training center is designed to “expand training efforts begun at the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory,” the Christian Friends of Korea said in a comment posted on its Web site, noting training is currently being done in a cramped hallway at the lab.

The CFK is assisting about 29 medical clinics in the North, including a tuberculosis treatment center in Kaesong, near the border with South Korea.

The report came two weeks after Eugene Bell, a charity group in South Korea, shipped 678 million won (US$618,000) worth of tuberculosis medicine in medical aid to the North. It was the first shipment of humanitarian aid by a South Korean entity to North Korea since President Park Geun-hye took office in Seoul in February.

North Korea relies on foreign medical assistance as its hospitals are often ill-equipped to treat patients due to a lack of medicines and other supplies.

The World Health Organization estimated on its Web site that about 1,600 North Koreans died of tuberculosis in 2011, down from about 1,900 in 2010.

A titre d’autre exemple, le 11 mai 2013, KCNA (l’agence de presse nord-coréenne) a affirme qu’un journal français a présenté un texte défendant la politique nord-coréenne vis-à-vis des Etats Unis. Cependant de qui parlons-nous ici ? Quel est l’organe de presse en question ?

French Paper Accuses U.S. of Escalating Tension on Korean Peninsula
Pyongyang, May 10 (KCNA) — A French internet paper carried an article on April 20 denouncing the U.S. for pushing the situation on the Korean Peninsula to an extreme phase.The paper said:

The blame for the tension on the Korean Peninsula rests on the U.S., not the DPRK.

The U.S. has staged joint military exercises against the DPRK every year together with south Korea, its servant.

It mobilized nuclear strategic bombers and other huge forces in the joint military drills in March this year, threatening the DPRK.

The historical lesson proves that if one is to defend the sovereignty of his country, he should never compromise with the U.S.

When looking back upon the history of the two countries since 1945, the world will clearly know who is a real aggressor.

Referring to the U.S. aggression on other countries, the paper said:

The U.S. seeks to invade the DPRK to put the Asia-Pacific region under its control.

The Korean people are turning out as one to defend their sovereignty, well aware of the U.S. real intention.

The DPRK will never yield to the U.S.

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